Technique Packs – Intermediate

Blues Volume 1

This Pack Includes: 5 Intermediate Blues Licks, Blues Chord Substitutions, Minor Blues & Stormy Monday Changes.
Technique: Bending, String Skipping, Hybrid Picking, Trills, Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Double Stops, Alternate Picking, Dead Notes, Strumming, Odd Note Groupings, Sliding, Legato, Finger Picking
Theory: Tuning, Chromatic, Musical Alphabet, Minor Pentatonic, The Blue Note

Chord Knowledge

This Pack Includes: Chord Scales Parts 1 & 2, Intro To 7th Chords, Intro To Suspended Chords, 9th Chords
Technique: Left Hand Technique, Sliding, Alternate Picking, Strumming
Theory: Suspended Chords, Seventh Chords, Ninth Chords, Chord Scales, Chord Inversions, Chord Construction

Chords & Colors

This Pack Includes: 6th Chords, 13th Chords, Dominant Sus Chords, Half-Diminished Chords, Intro to Diminished Harmony
Technique: Alternate Picking, Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Strumming
Theory: Diminished Scales, Half-Diminished Chords, Sixth Chords, Arpeggios

Mastering The Modes

This Pack Includes: Dorian Mode, Phrygian Mode, Lydian Mode, Mixolydian Mode, Locrian Mode, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor Mode
Technique: Alternate Picking, Sliding, Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Double Stops, Speed Picking, Bending
Theory: Modal Construction, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Scale Construction, Diatonic Playing

Intro To Jazz

This Pack Includes: Jazz Arpeggios, Intro to ii-V-I, Leading Tones & Approach notes
Technique: Arpeggios, Jazz Chord Shapes
Theory: Jazz Chord Progressions

Practical Playing

This Pack Includes: Arpeggios Pt. 1, Arpeggios Pt. 2, Intro To Improvising, Learning Intervals, Playing With A Leading Finger, Triad Funk Rhythm,
Technique: Arpeggios, Improvising, Funk Rhythm,
Theory: Intervals, Triads,

Speed Kills

This Pack Includes: Five Pentatonic Patterns, Groups of Five & Triad Arpeggios
Technique: Arpeggios, Pentatonic Patterns, Grouping Notes

Technique Toolbox

This Pack Includes: Hybrid Picking 101, Intermediate Warm-Up, Intro To Slide, Left Hand Stretching, Tapping Part 1
Technique: Hybrid Picking, Alternate Picking, Legato, Hammer-Ons, Pull-Offs, Sliding, Bending, String-Skipping
Theory: Seventh Chords, Chord Scales, Arpeggios, Chord Recognition


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