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Beast of Burden

This medium tempo rock song is always a hit with every crowd due to a few key elements. The Rolling Stones have been able to craft songs in such a unique way using overlapping parts, chord melody, and just good ole’ solid songwriting. With this video you’ll get an in depth look at these and many more elements that go into making a classic rock hit.


From the album Sticky Fingers comes one of the Rolling Stone’s most played songs, both live and on the radio. This is your chance to dive into Bitch and get the most out a groove and rhythm oriented classic rock masterpiece. Keith Richards’ guitar playing, although seemingly simple is actually sophisticated from the viewpoint of songwriting. After this lesson is through, you’ll have all the makings and chops to play this classic hit.

Brown Sugar

Ever wonder how The Rolling Stones got so much sound and volume in their recordings? It sounds like they have 5 guitars! Well that’s the magic of overdubbing, or layering. Using Brown Sugar as a template, I’ll show you how to begin to weave guitar parts together to create a sense of richness and a full sound…so come on, let’s get rockin’!

Paint it Black

Another perfect example of great songwriting and a perfect union of strong melody and solid foundation, Paint It Black has all the elements that go into making a Rolling Stones hit song. With this lesson you’ll get all the parts, both rhythm and lead, that make this such a fun and easy guitar tune to learn. Make sure you get that metronome going, because this one will have your head bobbing on the offbeat, so get ready for some groovin’ music!


One of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Rolling Stones are legendary songwriters and performers. This simple two-riff song is a prime example of good songwriting techniques, and an excellent display of melody and harmony. Pick up this lesson and who knows, maybe you’ll be writing the next hit jam!

Get FIVE Songs For The Price Of Three
When You Order This Super Charged Power Pack
(That’s A 40% savings for you!)

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