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All Apologies

Nirvana is a band with depth, energy and raw emotion, and this song exemplifies all of the above. All Apologies is a tune that utilizes a drop-D tuning and floats from a haunting clean riff with a dark drone to a crunchy and raging chorus filled with driving guitar. No matter what part of the song, or your playing level, with this lesson you will have this Nirvana hit under your fingertips in no time!

Come As You Are

Grunge lives on!!! This is one of Nirvana’s most popular songs, and one that is always a smash with guitar players. The opening riff is instantly recognizable, and very beginner friendly. No matter what your playing experience, you will be able to walk away from this lesson playing the parts to your favorite Nirvana jam!

Drain You

This hard-hitting Nirvana jam is a power chord workout for guitar players. With a dark and foreboding interlude that culminates in a shrieking guitar lick, Drain You is sure to quench any Nirvana fan’s thirst for guitar knowledge.

Heart Shaped Box

Starting off with a clean, dropped-D arpeggio lick and blasting into a raging chorus, Heart Shaped Box runs the gamut of a Nirvana song. In this lesson you’ll learn all the parts to this hit, and how to make the most out your technique while jamming on a grunge classic!

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana is known as the foremost grunge band ever, and this song is the anthem of grunge and teenage angst everywhere. This is an excellent tune to get into power chords, strumming, and just plain old rocking out! In this lesson, you will dive head first into Smells Like Teen Spirit and learn the chords, right hand patterns and even the small overdubs that made this track a timeless hit.

Get FIVE Songs For The Price Of Three
When You Order This Super Charged Power Pack
(That’s A 40% savings for you!)

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