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Black Dog

Perhaps one of the most recognizable guitar riffs ever, Black Dog is a song that epitomizes classic rock. It has elements of blues and rock woven into chunky riffs and screaming licks. With this in depth lesson, you’ll discover the secrets that Jimmy Page used to play this epic rock masterpiece.

Fool in the Rain

…This feel good rock song is reminiscent of 60’s era rock. Very folky and yet intricate, Fool In The Rain is a Led Zeppelin song that crosses various genres. Ranging from a chordal introduction to a multi-layered verse and even a samba style bridge, this tune covers a lot of ground.

Immigrant Song

This awesome Zeppelin song is a fantastic intro into string skipping, and open chords that aren’t your typical rock fingerings. With this lesson, you’ll learn in detail all the parts that go into playing this jam, as well as the tone and feel behind the melody.


This powerful and hard driving rock song is one Led Zeppelin’s most well known hits. Utilizing an open tuning, Jimmy Page was able to capture an amazing and powerful sound that is unique to his style of playing. With this lesson you’ll come away with a new knowledge of tuning possibilities that will really open your ears and playing to new levels. From the classic intro riff all the way to wide open strumming outro, this lesson will improve all aspects your playing.

Whole Lotta Love

A hard-driving E power chord riff starts off this classic hit. Underneath the searing vocals, Jimmy Page lays some extra heavy guitar riffs before blasting into the epic solo licks. Here’s your chance to learn how he got that heavy sound that signifies this tune’s main riff, and also how he rips through pentatonic licks at lightning speed.

Get FIVE Songs For The Price Of Three
When You Order This Super Charged Power Pack
(That’s A 40% savings for you!)

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