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1. Beast of Burden

Rolling Stones

This medium tempo rock song is always a hit with every crowd due to a few key elements. The Rolling Stones have been able to craft songs in such a unique way using overlapping parts, chord melody, and just good ole’ solid songwriting. With this video you’ll get an in depth look at these and many more elements that go into making a classic rock hit.


2. Mr. PC

John Coltrane

John Coltrane’s homage to bassist Paul Chambers is a grooving break neck tempo jazz blues. This song is rife with opportunity to shed some jazz licks over a bluesy canvas. With this lesson you’ll uncover not just the chords and the head, but also how to spice up your own playing with new scales and approaches that transfer well from jazz to other genres.


3. Sex Machine

James Brown

James Brown is known as the Godfather of funk music, and if there’s a fun way to improve your rhythm, its funk music! Learn the secrets behind some of the most famous funk guitar riffs, and uncover awesome new chord possibilities in this in-depth look at one James Brown’s most famous hits.

4. Walk This Way


This is one rockin’ guitar song. Here we have a perfect example of Joe Perry’s signature style. Utilizing techniques like hybrid picking and string skipping, this lesson will have you working through some serious riffage!

5. Wham

Stevie Ray Vaughan

This is one blazing fast, high-energy blues! Stevie Ray Vaughan was renowned for his phrasing, musicality and soul, and here is a screaming fast version of his chops on full display. With this lesson you’ll learn all the parts to this famous guitar song, as well as the concepts, techniques and ideas that went into writing these kinds of riffs. Make sure you warm up before this lesson, because you’re in for the finger workout of your life.