Dear Frustrated Guitarist,

Have you reached that point where you’ve hit a wall, and you just can’t take the next step in your guitar playing? We all know the feeling of needing just that one little boost to take us to the next level… and here it is!

With the Totally Electric Guitar system you will be able to access all the info you need. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran of the stage, there’s something for every player to learn and practice. Over the last 15 years I have crafted my teaching method to include aspects of theory, technique and practical playing that can provide any guitarist with the tools to comfortably get on stage and rip!

The main focus of this method is to allow the player to understand and analyze music from both a theoretical standpoint, as well as a practical one. Have you ever been jamming with someone and they’re playing something you don’t know? Well now you don’t have to just sit out and wait. By concentrating on learning the sound of various chord shapes and progressions you’ll be able to jump right in to virtually any setting, and in any genre! Whether you’re into blues, rock, metal, country, jazz or any other style, you’ll find the lesson that you need to take that next step in your progress.

One of the most important aspects to improving your skills on the guitar is setting concrete goals for yourself. Want to learn how to play funk guitar? Then you should learn some chord shapes and standard funk rhythms to practice. Want to begin your foray into the world of jazz? Then you need to set a goal of learning and practicing arpeggios and modes.

By using this comprehensive method you will begin to see progress on day one, and follow it as far as your desire takes you. Don’t let that wall stand in your way of becoming the next guitar god…take your playing into your own hands, and start shredding today!

Rock On!

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