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Black Sabbath

The argument can be made that this is the first song in Heavy Metal history. The first track from Black Sabbath’s first album, this is one devilishly haunting track. Though the use of tri-tones, heavy distortion, pounding drums and galloping riffs, Black Sabbath is a song that any true rock fan must know!

Iron Man

One of the most iconic hard rock songs ever, Iron Man will take you on a trip through riff heaven. Starting with an awesome drone note that’s bent and twisted out of tune, through the head-banging verse and right into the screaming solo licks… this lesson covers all the bases. So grab your axe and let ‘er rip!!!


A prime example of early heavy metal, this Black Sabbath song is raw, unfiltered guitar greatness! In this lesson you’ll get insider knowledge of the riffs and licks Toni Iommi used to create one of the most influential rock songs of early heavy metal.


Black Sabbath…the band that started heavy metal! Ever want to jam along to this epic rock tune? Well here is your chance. We are going to break down the riffs that make Paranoid one of the most recognizable rock songs ever. Whether you just started playing guitar or have been rocking out for years, with this lesson you will learn not just how to play the riffs and licks, but also what makes them work in that context and how to solo over the chords. Whether young or old, novice or experienced, there is always something to learn from Tony Iommi, Riffmaster Extrordinaire!

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

This Black Sabbath hit is one that shows the diversity of the band. Opening with a hard pounding guitar riff that leads into a ringing and clear-toned chorus and finishing up with some ripping leads, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is one that will test your prowess as a true rock guitarist!

Get FIVE Songs For The Price Of Three
When You Order This Super Charged Power Pack
(That’s A 40% savings for you!)

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