Walk This Way

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Walk This Way was released as the second single in Aerosmith’s album “Toys In The Attic” released in 1975. It went on to reach the top ten in the billboard charts and really helped to bring the band into the public eye. This song use a lot of single string riffs that are very rhythmic oriented, utilizing the space between the notes as a key element to the phrasing. The intro for this song is very iconic so you’ll need to break it down and practice it to really get it down. The verse and chorus are also unique because they use a lot of string skipping, so you’ll need solid right hand chops or know hybrid picking to play this song at speed since there’s a lot of sixteenth notes. The best thing about this is that it’s based around the c minor pentatonic so the pattern is relatively repetitive which makes it easier to learn and get under your fingers.

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