Up Around The Bend

Up Around The Bend – Creedence Clearwater Revival Preview Guitar Lesson

Lesson Overview

Up Around The Bend was a major hit by Creedence Clearwater Revival as the A-side to their 1970 release “Run Through The Jungle”. I’ve always thought this was a really cool song because it has a lot of guitar tricks in it. The intro starts with a repetitive riff that shifts around into different shapes so you end up with a effect where you play the same riff in different keys so it outlines different chords, which has a very interesting and unique sound. You also have some double stop riffs throughout the song, along with open chords that help keep the groove of everything moving. You’ll need to keep a really loose right hand and be able to strum effectively while keeping the tempo and rhythm solid. The solo incorporates the idea of simplicity, revolving around repeating a simple melodic idea or phrase with slight alterations. It’s a very blues based solo that revolves around two or three strings and incorporates string bending and slurs which will be great practice for expressive playing.

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