The Guitar Workout Series: Essential Techniques

Preview Guitar Lesson

Note: This preview was released for the first DVD in our Guitar Workout Series, which never made it to production, even though we thought it was cool. If you think it’s cool too, then you can stream it right here. And if you want to see more in the series, drop us a note here, since we’re not mind readers… yet! ;)

Lesson Overview

Right & Left Hand Coordination: The need to have both hands reacting in unison and timed precisely together is a feat that often goes overlooked. In this detailed lesson, you’ll get explanations of the physicality and movement needed to combine the two, as well as challenging exercises that when executed properly will cause you to truly “feel” the difference between proper and improper coordination.

Legato Pt. 1: An intense and thorough exercise routine that will have your left hand sweating (or right hand, if you’re a lefty)! This guide to mastering the basic concepts of legato playing begins with an explanation of what legato is and how it can be useful in your everyday playing. Comprised of various techniques including hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides, the exercises in this lesson are designed to provide players with an arsenal of ways to practice the many facets of playing smoothly and relaxed while maintaining a sharp attack and strong sound.

Introduction To Bending: The use of bending strings is an incredibly useful tool we guitarists have at our fingertips (literally!) By stretching the strings to go from one note to another note is a musical and technical way of expressing ourselves through melody. In this lesson you will learn not only how to execute string bends, but how to do them with different fingers and strings. In addition you’ll get great practice tips on ways to improve your bends and get them in tune every time.

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