Slow Fusion Backing Track

Slow Fusion in D Backing Track

Lesson Overview

This backing track is one that can vastly improve your ability to think through chord changes and improvise fluently over them. With a very “fusion-y” type of chord progression, using many varieties of 7th chords, you’ll have to adjust slightly for the harmonic differences between them. Meant for the advanced player with a solid knowledge of chord theory, this tune employs some serious chord changes. It begins with a Dmaj7 to a C#min7 then descending from Bm7 to Bbmaj7 before hitting the final chord, a Gmaj7#11. Do a little exploration and map out the arpeggios and you’ll quickly begin to see the “pool of notes” from which you can choose to play that work well over almost all of these chords. Don’t forget to plan for the slight changes in scales ahead of time and try to outline those differences in your solo.

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