R&B Backing Track A Minor

R&B Backing Track A Minor

Lesson Overview

This track is a rhythmically complex and harmonically rich chance for you to work on your improvisation. The main groove in A minor, being very heavily based on a rhythmic approach to playing, can offer a user-friendly platform to solo over whether you’re a novice or expert. The second part of the song provides us with more harmonically intricate opportunities by using a chord change (still in the key of A minor) that includes major and minor 7th chords and even a sus7 at the end. This section will challenge you to follow the chords (Cmaj7, Bm7, Cmaj7, Esus7) and outline the arpeggios in your improv. Check out the version of this track with a sample solo…it might give you some sweet ideas that you can fit into your own style.

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