Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Pretty Fly For A White Guy – Offspring Preview Guitar Lesson

Lesson Overview

Pretty Fly (for a White Guy) is possibly The Offspring’s most popular song from their 1998 album “Americana”. This was a huge hit in the 90’s, and I still remember growing up and watching the music video as a teenager. It’s got a really catchy riff that shows how much you can do with simple power chords. By using power chords in more of a melodic way than a harmonic way, it creates catchy hooks and chord changes that really grab the listener. After this there’s a sparse double stop riff on the top two strings to emphasize the rest of the rhythm section. Aside from this, the song is mostly basic power chords, so if you can master quickly shifting chords and changing strings, getting this song under your fingers will take no time.

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