Master Of Puppets

Master of Puppets – Metallica Preview Guitar Lesson

Lesson Overview

Master Of Puppets is one of the most influential metal songs ever written from Metallica’s 1986 album “Master Of Puppets”. This is an intense, complicated, and very long song with a lot of intricacies. It’s based around an open E palm muted groove along with a cool descending power chord riff. In addition to this, it goes through several variations of it’s own riff, making for a really good song to study and master the E minor shape all over the neck, alongside the typical metal guitar techniques that players did in the 80’s. There’s so many different elements in this song, from the fast palm muting to quick power chord changes. It has a clean, almost acoustic interlude that breaks into a heavy metal solo section that’s really difficult to play. You’ll definitely need some experience to get through this one. It uses a variety of pulloffs, speed picking, hammer ons and all kinds of Kirk Hammett techniques. He was a student of Satriani and a huge pioneer of heavy metal lead playing, which gave him some blazing chops and tight technique, making this song is one of his absolute shining examples of what he was able to do while basically staying in the simple E minor pentatonic scale.


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