Hey Joe

Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix Preview Guitar Lesson

Lesson Overview

Hey Joe is a standard rock song that appears on Jimi Hendrix’s album “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” released in 2000. I like this song because it has this great unison country-influenced slide where you slide the seventh note into the root at the same time as playing an open root. This goes into a unison double stop and then into an E minor pentatonic lick that brings you up into the main motif of the song that could take a little practice to get down. On the other hand, the chord changes are pretty simple in a C G D A pattern. Hendrix makes these interesting by breaking them up and playing them in his unique rhythmic style. His ability to phrase things like a piano player would, using a combination single notes, double, and triple stops to really tie things together in his unique approach to playing the guitar. The solo is very vocal and based around pentatonic patterns and a blues rock influence where you emphasize the bent notes on the phrase and the rest are fillers for the target note.

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