Come Together

Come Together – Beatles Preview Guitar Lesson

Lesson Overview

Come Together is the opening song from The Beatles 1969 album “Abbey Road” which was very well received in the US and UK, reaching the top of both music charts. This has always been one of my all time favorite Beatles songs. I actually spent a lot of time in college arranging Beatles songs for solo acoustic guitar and come together was one of my favorites. All of the parts are uniquely laid together. The drums are very rolling and tom-oriented and the bass is very fat and round, which leaves the guitar up to play riffs which is unusual for the Beatles considering they played chords most of the time. This song also incorporates one of the most standard blues riffs where you jump back and forth between a power chord and a major sixth interval. The solo is a perfect example of how phrasing, bending and the use of few notes placed correctly can create a unique and powerful sound..

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