B Flat Minor Groovin’ Backing Track

B Minor Electro Backing Track

Lesson Overview

This backing track is a perfect chance to expand your knowledge of the relationship between closely related keys. It’s very common for guitarist to be much more comfortable with sharp keys (e.g G, A, B minor, F# minor etc.), but it should be just as easy for you to solo and improvise in a flat key. For this very reason, I bring you a backing track that will take you on a mental journey through the land of flat keys. Staring in Bb minor and switching back and forth to Ab, it allows you to use some reasonably comfortable pentatonic scales and more simplistic harmony. Watch out though, because it doesn’t stay there for long…the second part of the tune takes us to a key change (Gb). While there you’ll have to follow the changes closely (Gb-Db-Ab-Fm / Gb-Db-C7#9-F7), make sure you can outline all the arpeggios before trying to rip over this part…it’s kind of tricky!

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