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I think you’ll agree that this song is just as the title describes…Amazing! There are few rock ballads that are as popular, well written or epic as this Aerosmith masterpiece. Join me in this lesson and get a detailed explanation of all the guitar parts that go into Joe Perry’s face melting guitar wizardry!


Do you want to know what it is that makes classic rock guitar have that certain sound? Is there something about the sound of a Gibson Les Paul that makes your fingers itch? Well this lesson has the answers for you! You’ll get an in-depth look at how Joe Perry plays through chord changes as a rhythm guitarist. Its not all palm muted power chords here, so bring your chops because this one gets pretty involved.

Dude (looks like a lady)

This classic rock song by Aerosmith has some awesome guitar tricks in it. If you’ve always wanted to get your rhythm chops to sound like to rocks gods of classic rock, then this in-depth look at Joe Perry’s style and riffs is for you!

Eat The Rich

Here is a powerful, thunderous rock song made to make you headbang. With a ton of different guitar techniques and riffs, this lesson is made for those serious players who want to take their playing to the next level. Get your chops up for this one, because there are some blazing hot licks in here!!!

Sweet Emotion

One of Aerosmith’s most popular songs, Sweet Emotion instantly conjures up images of the 70’s and the pinnacle of the classic rock era. Full of recognizable riffs and licks, this song is a great intro to getting your chops up, so if you fancy yourself a rock guitarist then this is one lesson you don’t want to miss.

Walk This Way

This is one rockin’ guitar song. Here we have a perfect example of Joe Perry’s signature style. Utilizing techniques like hybrid picking and string skipping, this lesson will have you working through some serious riffage!

Get FIVE Songs For The Price Of Three
When You Order This Super Charged Power Pack
(That’s A 40% savings for you!)

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