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Hybrid Picking

One of the most useful tools in the guitarist’s arsenal, hybrid picking is an awesome way to get new picking sounds, and open a whole new world of chords and melody lines. In this lesson you’ll learn how to approach this technique, along with examples and exercises that are designed to get your fingers flying!

Intermediate Warm-Up

In order to truly maximize your practice time, a warm-up should be a key part to your day’s practice. This lesson will take you through some awesome steps and exercises designed to get your fingers moving quickly so you can spend more time getting better.

Intro To Slide

Slide guitar is a staple among blues guitarists, from the Allman Bros. to Sonny Landreth and Derek Trucks, there is no shortage of great guitarists who use this style. In this lesson, you’ll learn proper slide technique and some awesome blues licks to go with it, all of which are designed to get you started playing slide guitar today!

Left Hand Stretching

Have you ever been learning a song or maybe even writing one and you run into a wall that you just can’t get over? Most of the time, it’s our fretting hands that are stopping us from playing all those sweet licks. With this lesson you’ll learn some great new exercises and patterns to get your left hand really working!

Tapping Part 1

Tapping is an essential tool for any advanced guitarist. Even if you don’t spend your day shredding Van Halen solos, tapping can be used in a variety of ways to make melodies and phrases really come alive and stand out from the rest of the song. This lesson will help you learn the ins and outs of tapping technique and what you can do to get started now!


Get Five Songs For Three When You Order This Super Charged Power Pack
(That’s A 40% savings for you!)

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