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    Mark Dyson

    NOTE: gonna try this again since the first attempt ended up from Anonymous. I don’t know those guys but they ain’t me. :)

    Greetings, my droogs!

    I recently joined TG as a TARGET member, which is beyond cool for me. I’ve been a “campfire style” acoustic guitar player for years, mainly as self-accompaniment for vocals. I’ve been a singer since I was about 8 years old.

    So, this past Christmas Santa brought me a shiny new PRS Custom 22 semi-hollow and a nice Peavey amp to go with it. I want to start embracing the Dark Side. I still have an “acoustic soul” and my style tends to The Eagles, but I also grew up as a teen in the 70s and I had a great side hustle in High School drawing posters of Kiss in all their glory.

    Okay, so here I am. My first targets in the hard rocking genre are offerings from GnR: Patience, November Rain, and Sweet Child O Mine. I can hit the vocals (I’m no Asshole Rose but I have my own style and can hold my own) and now I want to add some crunchy guitar work to back it up.

    Let’s have fun!



    Hey Mark!

    Welcome to the darkside ;)

    I started with an electric guitar myself, but found having an acoustic guitar around encouraged me to practice more, so now I play both, though neither very well.

    As I’m sure you saw, we do have a couple of the GnR songs on the site, hopefully you’ve checked them out.

    We also have a ton of theory and technique lessons that can help with electric specific techniques.

    I just added a thread for lesson recommendations onto the forum, so feel free to post any recommendations that you want to see on the site.

    We appreciate having you here and on TG as well!


    Mark Dyson

    Thanks, Jameela!

    Yes, I’ve pored over your current catalog and see so many tasty treats to start messing around with! I’m making a point to keep going back to my acoustic on a regular basis, but that’s not a hardship. Going back and forth is enjoyable, keeps my interest level up, and I’ve both acquired a pickup for the acoustic and have been messing around with making the electric sound kind of acoustic-y. Just because I can.

    It’s all about the fun! :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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